Our Range


Eg: superman, catwoman, shrek, batman, alice in wonderland, sumo wrestlers, and many many more.

60’s, 70’s, 80’s

A wide range of tops, dresses, lycra jumpsuits, mama mia type outfits, platforms and afro's


Old school pirate outfits as well as the more modern Pirates of the Caribbean.

Cowboys, Indians, and Mexican

Vintage and evening gowns

Genuine 1920’s outfits and hats, as well as some gorgeous evening gowns from well known designers

Wigs and Hats

A whole room full of every wig and hat you can imagine

Movie stars and Pop stars

Eg: Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Bob marley etc

Circus and medieval

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Дървени талпи http://www.emsien3.com/талпи от ЕМСИЕН-3

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Saturday: 9am - 2pm